2015 TOEIC Scholarship

2015 ETS TOEIC® Virtue Scholarship Program for Mainland China

At nonprofit ETS, our experience, research and commitment to excellence in creating educational assessments ensures both test takers and score users alike that our tests are fair, valid and reliable. This is why ETS has been in operation for over 60 years and develops, administers and scores more than 50 million tests annually.

Celebrating more than 30 years of service to organizations around the globe, the TOEIC® test is the global standard for measuring workplace English communications skills for companies, institutions and government agencies around the world. In 2010, ETS developed the TOEIC® Scholarship Program for China to recognize outstanding academic achievement.  This scholarship program offers eligible university students the opportunity to be rewarded for high academic achievement, a desire to contribute to their community or school, and an outstanding ability to communicate in English. The TOEIC Scholarship in China mainland has been operated for four consecutive years since 2010. 

In 2015, ETS redesigns the TOEIC Scholarship Program by partnering with the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) and the Beijing Foreign Enterprise Human Resources Service Co., Ltd. (FESCO) to further strengthen its commitment to public welfare while preparing the applicants with an advanced skill set to meet the challenges in their career development. Potential internships or even job opportunities will be made available to the program winners. We know that these enhancements of self-advancement, job opportunities and insight for welfare  developed by this joint effort will be a value-add to the traditional ETS TOEIC Scholarship Program.

Founded in March 1989, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) is a non-governmental organization specializing in poverty alleviation in China. With the support from all sectors of the society, CFPA has accumulatively raised RMB 9.57 billion and benefited 17.8million poverty or disaster stricken people by the end of 2013. Now CFPA has become a philanthropic organization with the largest scale and greatest social impact in poverty reduction. CFPA has twice been rated as the top 5A foundation by Ministry of Civil Affairs. www.cfpa.org.cn

Beijing Foreign Enterprise Human Resources Service Co., Ltd. (FESCO), founded in 1979 and being the first company in China to provide professional service of human resources (HR) to foreign enterprises' representative offices in China, foreign financial institutions and economic organizations, has a long history of providing professional HR service and is highly experienced in the market and fully qualified to provide such service. As one of the top 500 enterprises in China, FESCO is the primary HR strategic partner for multinational companies in China and is reputed to be the best in competitiveness and brand value in China’s HR service industry. As a leading company in China's HR service industry, FESCO provides service to above 20,000 customers from hundreds of countries and regions as well as more than 1,000,000 domestic and overseas employees working for these institutions. www.fesco.com.cn

The 2015 ETS TOEIC® Virtue Scholarship Program continues in 2015 with guidelines outlined below.

40 Scholarships Available

ETS will award 40 TOEIC scholarships, each in the amount of 8,000 RMB. Thirty of these scholarships will be available for bachelor’s degree students and 10 will be available for master’s degree students. Scholarship funds will be distributed to universities in local currency. In addition to the scholarship funds, the following rewards will be made available for applicants:

  • All the qualified applicants with complete applications will be eligible to be introduced into the FESCO Talent Bank
  • The finalists will be offered a free coaching class on CV development and interview skills
  • The 40 winners will be eligible to be recommended to the internship or job opportunities at well-known employers as FESCO’s clients

Eligibility Requirements

Qualified applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be of Chinese nationality
  • Attend a university in China
  • Be a university student seeking a bachelor’s or master’s degree
  • Holda grade point average of 80 or higher on a 100 point-scale
  • Demonstrate English proficiency as evidenced by a valid TOEIC® Listening and Reading test score
  • Follow the Applicant Guidelines
  • Complete the Official TOEIC Scholarship Application and provide all of the necessary documentation, including one letter of recommendation provided by an English teacher/English professor who is familiar with the applicant's academic work
  • Volunteering experience is highly preferred

Note: Applicants who are selected as finalists must be prepared to participate in an interview with the Scholarship Committee. These interviews will be conducted in English.

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Selection Process

  • Online application must be completed and submitted in English on or before the May, 31, 2015 deadline to be considered. Registration website is as follows: www.toeic.net.cn
  • All documentation will be authenticated by ETS
  • A TOEIC Scholarship Committee composed of academic and business professionals will evaluate the applications and the scholarship finalists
  • Every applicant will be notified of his or her standing
  • Each applicant who is selected as a finalist must be prepared to interview with the Scholarship Committee. These interviews will be conducted in English
  • Winners will be notified in July, 2015

If you have a question about the application process, contact the ETS China office at +86-10-68313831 or email toeic-scholarship@etsglobal.org.


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